Majonez bez jajek? To możliwe!

Many people cannot imagine preparing salads, dips or sandwiches without adding mayonnaise. One of the most important ingredients of this popular specialty is egg yolks. And is it possible to prepare mayonnaise without them? It turns out that it is, and what's more: it is a much healthier and low-calorie solution. What does egg-free mayonnaise taste like and how can it be prepared?

How to make mayonnaise without eggs?

The hardened defenders of the classic mayonnaise will surely try to convince you that the lack of eggs in this product must lead to its taste quality reduction. Nothing could be more wrong. Properly made mayonnaise without eggs tastes exactly the same as traditional one. What's more, its structure texture means that it can also be an addition to sandwiches, sauces, dishes and salads.

Mayonnaise is nothing more than an emulsified protein, resulting from the combination of acid and oil. What's more, in classic products of this type there is only 3% yolks in the entire composition. Instead, you can use many other ingredients, including soy milk, chickpea water, white beans.

Tasty and healthy

Preparing mayonnaise without eggs used to be the only solution for vegans or people suffering from various allergies. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough time or energyto sit in the kitchen. Currently, many brands offer products that have a fully plant-based and safe composition. They are not only delicious , but also rich in the necessary fatty acids. CREMAJO Mayonnaise without eggs is such a product. It is intended not only for people on a vegan diet, but also for those who do not tolerate gluten, lactose or should avoid consuming high-fat products.