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Cremajo - real taste, no eggs used

Nowadays, conscious eating is becoming more and more important. In addition to healthy nutrition, it also considers aspects of the origin of raw materials, the method of producing food products, their composition, and these considerations are followed by questions about animal health or the ecological "footprint", to which the answer is a criterion for purchasing products. Therefore, at Starck’s, we've set ourselves the task of creating tasty, plant-based foodstuffs, free of allergens as much as possible.




cremajo curry

100% Natural and plant-based

Cremajo is a new Super Food on the market. A healthier and less calorific alternative to sauces and mayonnaise. Thanks to our experience, we have created products that taste, look and have the same consistency and as well as give the same sensation in the mouth as standard mayonnaise. The only and most important difference is the naturalness of the product, so that everyone can eat it.

100% naturalny majonez
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Our goal is high availability of Starck’s products. That is why here you can find the contact details of selected Distributors of Cremajo products in the country who meet the requirements of professional customer service. We strongly encourage you to contact and visit various stationary and online stores.


The Recipes department was created for all lovers of good and healthy cuisine. We will be adding recipes on a regular basis, using our original Cremajo products. Discover new ideas for delicious dishes that will delight your loved ones!

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